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Dental fears and anxieties are genuine, and a visit to the dental clinic may seem especially scary for a young child. As a parent, you may be wondering what to do if your child is afraid of the dentist.

There are several reasons why a child might feel anxious or scared about dental visits, and often these feelings are transferred from their parents.

Adults will frequently feel a bit anxious or nervous when seeing a dentist, but some people have extremely deep-seated fears that might even extend back to their own childhood. If this sounds a little familiar, then there are some things you can do to avoid your child growing up feeling the same way.

One thing you can do is to lead by example, by making sure you visit the dentist regularly and talk positively about your dental visits and the benefits of having strong and healthy teeth. Here are some additional tips to help you plan your visit effectively if your child is afraid of the dentist.

Preparing Your Child for their Dental Visit

Tell your child they are going to see the dentist but make sure they know it is only a routine visit. Answer their questions in a straightforward manner, and ensure they know they can ask the dentist questions too! Explain why dental visits are needed and that dentists will help them take care of their mouth. Please tell your dentist or hygienist that your child feels a bit anxious about seeing a dentist because we can do a great deal to help.

How the Clinic Can Help Your Child

Tsawwassen Place Dental is a family oriented dental clinic. If you have a young child, then you can rest assured that we will treat them as if they were our own, providing the very gentlest of dental care. Our dentists, Dr. Sarah Harland and Dr. Tom Greene are both very good with children, and our entire team will go out of their way to help a nervous child feel relaxed and comfortable. Our friendly team can talk to your child, explaining what we are doing and why using easy-to-understand language. We will go out of our way to ensure each visit is as pleasant and as interesting as possible because we want children to enjoy seeing the dentist.

During your child’s first visit, we will gently examine their mouth and will devise the most suitable preventative dental care plan, showing how frequently they should see a dentist and details of any recommended treatments if required.

How Regular Professional Dental Care Reduces Dental Anxieties

Perhaps the best way to help if your child is afraid of the dentist is to arrange regular dental checkups. Regularly seeing a dentist can help to reduce anxieties because we will do everything we can to ensure each visit is a positive experience. It is a huge advantage for a young child to see a dentist regularly because if they do develop any dental problems, we can quickly detect them and will provide the most appropriate treatment. Any dental treatment needed will be less invasive and quicker than waiting for a dental problem to develop.

Also, it helps to reduce the risk of a child having a painful and unpleasant toothache. Not surprisingly, dental fears can soon develop if a child’s very first experience of professional dental care is when they are already in pain. As your child gets older, our dental team can work directly with them, showing them the proper techniques for brushing and flossing and explaining why good dental care is so important.

Not surprisingly, dental fears can soon develop if a child’s very first experience of professional dental care is when they are already in pain

Ongoing preventative dental care is such an effective way to help reduce dental anxieties and to maintain a healthy mouth. We know that general health and oral health are intimately connected, so it is vitally important to ensure your child grows up enjoying the very best in preventative dentistry and all the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Use our convenient online form to request your appointment.

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