See how your smile improves before getting the work done

Everyone goes through tooth wear and discoloration. These are a natural result of the aging process. The process happens so gradually that you don’t notice the changes, but the changes happen to all of us.

The wonders of modern technology let us help you respond to these changes so that you can see exactly how your smile can be restored to its full potential. Smile-Vision(R) is a low-cost way to see how your smile improves before spending any money on treatment.

Using digital photography with computer enhancements, you’ll be able to visualize the extent of the changes possible for your smile, so you have realistic expectations and can discuss all the options for treatment before committing to anything. You’ll have the comfort of pre-planning the entire process, including the timeline and budget involved.

If you’re planning other cosmetic enhancements to your face, our Smile-Vision process lets you coordinate those efforts with your dental work so that all your providers can see what you’re planning in detail.

Your smile simulation clarifies what aesthetic dentistry can’t accomplish, so that you know if more-extensive procedures, such as orthodontic treatment, are required to achieve your goals. Best of all, Smile-Vision is fun and painless. Ask us about it today!