tooth decay


Common Causes of Cavities in Kids Teeth

Tsawwassen Place Dental is a family-oriented dental practice, and we always enjoy seeing young children. Our friendly dental team takes extensive care to ensure children’s dental visits are enjoyable, gently treating children as if they were our own.
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Why Root Canal Therapy is a Good Thing

If those holiday beverages are hurting because of hot or cold sensitivity, you might need a root canal. But contrary to the way we usually react to that news, it’s nothing to be worried about. Root canal therapy is a treatment that some people might initially feel nervous about receiving, only to realize these fears are unfounded. In fact, root canal treatment is a good thing because it is the only way to preserve and protect a tooth badly damaged by infection or trauma. Read more


How to reduce your risk of tooth decay

Despite improvements in oral care, tooth decay is still incredibly common. Most people will have at least one or two fillings, but it is possible to reduce your risk of cavities. Read more