Habitual Snoring is No Joke

Snoring is very common and many of us will snore occasionally. However habitual snoring can not only be very disruptive for anyone sharing your bed, but may present a health risk. Persistent interruptions to sleep can lead to a number of different problems, particularly if your habitual snoring is cause by a condition called sleep apnea. Read more


How Long Will a Root Canal Treatment Last?

Root canal treatment is very common but if you need this therapy you probably want to know how long it will last and if it will save your tooth from extraction. Read more


Do you smoke? Learn how it affects your oral health

Are you a smoker? If so you may already be aware of how smoking affects your general health, but have you thought about how it impacts your oral health? In fact smoking can have a dramatic effect on dental health, greatly increasing your risk of developing dental problems and oral cancer. Read more


What is the best diet for a healthy smile?

Regular brushing and flossing is important for good dental health, but your diet can also make a difference. While there is nothing wrong in having a little bit of everything now and then, there are certain foods that might be beneficial for dental health. Read more


How regular hygiene appointments can make a difference to your dental health

If you regularly visit the dentist then you probably have your teeth cleaned at the same time. This is a very good routine to get into and should form part of your preventative dentistry plan. For most of us, regular professional cleanings will be a treatment that leaves the mouth feeling beautifully fresh and clean, and teeth can often look a little whiter after being gently polished. But are you aware of how regular dental cleanings can help your oral health? Read more


Why you shouldn’t ignore a toothache

Have you recently had a nagging toothache, or perhaps a feeling that one of your teeth isn’t quite right? It can be tempting to ignore these symptoms, especially if they subsequently disappear but there are several good reasons as to why you shouldn’t. Read more


Avoiding the danger of oral cancer

There are a lot of different types of oral cancers, and the condition can become life threatening if you don’t receive an early diagnosis. Oral cancer can affect the lips, cheeks, floor of the mouth, the sinuses and the hard and soft palate. If you think about it, the person who most often examines the inside of your mouth is your dentist, and in fact dentists are specially trained to detect any early signs of cancer, or to pick up changes to the tissues in your mouth. Read more


Why you shouldn’t ignore receding gums

Gum recession is a common problem, but most people are unaware they have receding gums as this condition gradually develops over time. If your gums begin to recede, they will gradually pull away from your teeth, exposing more of the crown of the tooth and even the tooth root. Read more


How pregnancy can affect your dental health

Pregnancy is a time when most moms-to-be try to take better care of their general health, but it is equally important to take extra care with your dental health. Read more


Do You Clench or Grind? Why This Habit is so Destructive

Do you find yourself occasionally clenching your teeth or grinding then in moments of anger or frustration? Most of us do this every now and then and it’s unlikely to cause any real harm. It’s a different matter if this develops into a regular habit as it can cause substantial damage to the teeth, gums and even the joints in your jaw.
Read more