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Would you like a beautiful smile? Let us show you how

With summer hopefully nearly here, it’s a time when many of us take action to try to look our best. One of the first things people notice is your smile. Healthy and attractive teeth never go out of style and the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques can help you achieve a beautiful new look. Read more


Why are Wisdom Teeth often such a pain?

Your wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to put in an appearance, usually during the late teens or early twenties. Some people will find these teeth come through without any problems, but for others they will prove to be nothing but a pain. So, why are wisdom teeth so frequently problematic and should they always be extracted? Read more


Why choose tooth-colored fillings over amalgam?

Tooth decay or dental caries affects almost all the adult population and in the past cavities were often filled with amalgam. Many people still have these silver-coloured fillings, known as Amalgam, in their mouth. Amalgam is a hard-wearing material that has been in use for decades, but although cost-effective, our dentists Dr. Larry Leslie and Dr. Tom Greene don’t believe it is the best way to repair teeth. Read more


Do you know what to do in a dental emergency?

There’s one thing you can guarantee about dental emergencies and that that they never happen when it’s convenient. This is where Tsawwassen Place Dental can help you as our dentists Dr. Larry Leslie and Dr. Tom Greene always make every effort to see emergency dental patients as soon as possible. Read more


Chipped or Cracked Teeth and Why They Need Mending

Unfortunately it is all too easy to chip or crack a tooth, but unless it looks particularly unsightly or is highly visible, then it might not seem worth mending. Even a small chip in a tooth could ultimately affect the health of that tooth. Read more


Put a sparkle in your smile this holiday

This is the time of year when we often get together with friends and family to celebrate the holidays and to welcome a brand-new year. Read more


Avoiding Childhood Tooth Decay this Halloween

Every parent wants to see their child grow up with healthy teeth, but unfortunately childhood tooth decay is still a common problem. What makes it worse is that cavities are preventable. Read more


Is it Time for a New Toothbrush?

Are you one of those people who regularly change their toothbrush every few months, or are you guilty of waiting until your toothbrush really needs a decent burial? Even though toothbrushes are pretty cheap, many people fail to change them frequently enough. Read more


Solving gummy smiles with Gum Sculpting

A gummy smile is a common problem and one that can mar an otherwise pleasing appearance. We refer to a smile as being “gummy” when someone shows an excess of gum tissue when smiling or talking. Ideally, it’s desirable to show very little gum when smiling and your gums should have a nice, balanced appearance. Read more


Will You Enjoy a Whiter Smile This Summer?

The return of lighter and brighter days is enough to make anyone smile, but it is easy to feel self-conscious and lack confidence in your appearance if you know your teeth don’t look their best. Teeth can become stained through habits such as smoking, or by eating and drinking highly coloured foods and it is a look that can be prematurely ageing. Read more