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Everybody is so busy these days we know it can be difficult to fit in regular professional dental care, especially if all seems well with your dental health. After all, if your teeth seem fine, then how much can it really hurt to miss an appointment or two?

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It’s easy to think that, but there’s a very good reason why your dental team here at Tsawwassen Place Dental Clinic is passionate about preventative dental care.

Even if you think you’re too busy to see a dentist, we’d strongly urge you to make time for the hour or so it will take to pop into our practice and don’t forget we are conveniently located in Tsawwassen. We’ve outlined a few reasons why regular professional dental care can protect your dental health, your general health and your wallet.

Protecting Your Dental Health

Every time you see one of our dentists, your teeth, gums and your oral tissues will be thoroughly checked to see if there have been any changes since your last visit. We carry out a detailed examination of each tooth to check for any tiny lesions or cavities.

Your gums will be gently examined for any signs of infection. We do take digital x-rays every so often, normally every two years for a healthy adult with reasonable dental health. These x-rays show us areas hidden from the naked eye and allow us to examine your tooth roots, the contact areas in between your teeth and the position of any teeth yet to erupt, for example wisdom teeth.

Your regular dental check-ups allow us to efficiently detect any problems so we can provide treatment at a much earlier stage, when it’s likely to be less invasive. It’s also quicker and cheaper to deal with things early in the trouble timeline.

Another huge advantage of regular dental check-ups is that you are less likely to develop toothache because of a tooth infection which can easily develop if you have an untreated cavity. Any dental restorations are regularly assessed, for example to make sure a filling isn’t crumbling or leaking.

Protecting Your General Health

Regular dental check-ups are a good way to protect your general health as they include regular screenings for oral cancer and for gum disease. Gum disease is very common and the very first symptoms can be easily ignored, allowing this disease to progress into a much more serious and destructive condition called periodontitis. This can destroy tissues around your teeth, eventually resulting in them loosening, but just as importantly it can affect your general health. Periodontitis has been linked to serious health conditions including diabetes and heart disease.

The good news is that gum disease is preventable and the earlier you begin a good preventative dental regime, the greater the chance that you will keep your smile for life, all while protecting your general health.

Enjoy Lower Long-Term Dental Bills

Preventative dental care is a great way to enjoy lower dental bills because it is far more cost-effective to treat smaller problems. If you have the benefit of a dental insurance plan, your hygiene visits are often covered completely so they cost you nothing. Plus, regular visits will allow some more costly treatments, when needed, to be covered with minimal cost to you as compared to later when you might have to cough up a fair amount of money yourself for a large treatment.

You’ll also enjoy peace of mind from knowing your smile is healthy and looks its best.

Get Great Advice from a Friendly Dental Team

We truly care about our patients and we love being able to help people achieve optimal dental health through patient education. Ask us about anything to do with your dental health or your smile and we will be happy to help you.

* Source: Canadian Dental Association (PDF)

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